Welcome to From the Aisle Seat!

Me at Nyhavn in Copenhagen, August 2022

I’m Sarah, a writer and small business owner who has the insane goal to visit every country in the world. From the Aisle Seat is part of that journey.

This weekly newsletter has landed in inboxes since the Southern summer heat was at its zenith in 2020. I’d been stuck in my hometown of Nashville, TN for months after cutting short a trip in Southeast Asia due to the pandemic. No one knew when we’d travel again.

I’ve written a travel blog, Sarah L. Travels, since April 2019 and always wanted to write a weekly email. I just didn’t know what to say. Who would even read it? How would I keep coming up with topics to talk about?

Being grounded in 2020 caused me to finally start this newsletter. The rest is history.

A move to Substack

To date, almost 100 issues of From the Aisle Seat have been published. I’m making the move to Substack because they don’t charge me unless I start charging you. And that is good news for a broke entrepreneur-slash-writer who writes a free weekly newsletter.

What to expect each Friday

From the Aisle Seat is the opinion column of my travel blog that shares my journey to every country in the world. In it, I reflect on the places I’ve been, the places I’m going, and the place I’m from.

The top of each email is an essay related to this journey. The second part, titled “What’s on My Tray Table,” is my books column. Each week, I share what I’m reading and review what I just finished. There are 17 books next to me as I write this page, so you can rest assured I have plenty to share. From the Aisle Seat readers love these book recs. Maybe you will, too.

There are almost 100 issues of From the Aisle Seat that have already been published. If you want to read any of them, they live forever on my old archives page.

Thanks for reading! I look forward to welcoming you to this little Internet community and seeing your comments.

Be brave and stay that way,


Sarah Stewart
I'm a writer and foodpreneur on a journey to every country in the world.